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Along the Manayunk Canal



  • Darby Creek Valley Association
    Developing a comprehensive conservation plan for the Darby Creek watershed.
  • Heritage Conservancy
    Coordinating the Delaware River Watershed Initiative which is a four-state program based on the ecology of the watershed and the interconnections among communities and the environment.

  • Delaware Riverkeeper Network
    Delaware Riverkeeper Network is a nonprofit, membership organization that works to strengthen citizen protection of the Delaware River and its tributary watersheds.

  • West Philadelphia Landscape Project
    The West Philadelphia Landscape Project is an action research program integrating research, teaching, and community service. It is based in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania. Since the program began in 1987, faculty and students have worked on a wide variety of projects with community organizations, neighborhood groups, teachers and students in West Philadelphia public schools.

  • Wissahickon Watershed Partnership
    Their mission is to promote a general understanding of the environmental studies and activities within the Wissahickon Creek watershed. Includes a list of ongoing environmental projects within the watershed.

  • The Wissahickon Riparian Restoration and Trail Link
    Detailing the proposed greenway link between Forbidden Drive in Fairmount Park and the Militia Hill area of Fort Washington State Park.

  • Nine Mile Run Greenway Project
    From Pittsburgh: The unifying theory of the Nine Mile Run Greenway Project is reclamation as an integrated ecosystem restoration that embraces the complex goal of "nature" in the context of contemporary urban culture.

  • Partnership for the Delaware Estuary
    With important tips for reducing runoff pollutants.


  • Higher Ground
    A Report on Voluntary Property Buyouts in the Nation's Floodplains. A Common Ground Solution Serving People at Risk, Taxpayers and the Environment.

  • The Sierra Club
    "Protecting the Environment...For Our Families, For Our Future" is their slogan. This site includes information about protecting wetlands and stopping sprawling development.

  • The Association of State Floodplain Managers
    This organization "supports comprehensive non-structural and structural management of the nations floodplains and realted water resources...[in order to] reduce loss of human life and property damage resulting from flooding, preserve the natural and cultural values of floodplains and avoid actions that exacerbate flooding..." Visit and learn more.

  • Make an Online Hazard Map
    Enter your zip code and get back a map indicating flood hazard areas.

  • River Network
    River Network was founded with the conviction that the solutions to river degradation, like the problems, are primarily local. Based in Portland Oregon with offices in DC, Vermont and Montana. Includes a great links page.



  • Philadelphia City Historical Photo Archive
    The Philadelphia City Archive is one of the country’s largest municipal archives, with an estimated 2 million photographs that date from the late 1800’s, searchable by date, address, neighborhood and keyword. 
  •  Pennsylvania Canal Society 
  • The Pennsylvania Canal Society hosts an interactive map locating all of the canals in Pennsylvania and providing information on their history and current preservation status.