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Along the Manayunk Canal

Manayunk Canal Fairmount Park Stabilization Project

The specific improvements to be carried out under this restoration effort fall within Phases III & IV of the Manayunk Canal Restoration Recommendations which were part of an engineering study orginally completed by the Fairmount Park Commission in 1995, and include:
  • Improvements to Locks 68, 69 and 70 of the canal
  • Dredging of the canal at selected locations to improve the hydraulics of the canal (This is primarily to remove sediment that has accumulated in the canal after being carried and deposited by stormwater runoff.  There are concerns regarding where this dredge will be disposed.)
  • Historically sensitive stabilization of the Bridge Sluice House
Project Purpose: To allow the free flow of water through the Manayunk Canal by improving the hydraulic operation of the canal in an effort to alleviate the significant ecological problems currently resulting from stagnant, standing water. 

Current Problems:
  • Invasive species (including japanese knotweed, purple loostrife, etc)
  • Fish kills
  • Diminished oxygen levels resulting from algal blooms and minimal water movement
  • Health concerns and undesirable odors that result from stagnant water
The City of Philadelphia requests that public input regarding this work and historic resources be sent to Kise Straw & Kolodner Inc., 123 South Broad Street, Suite 1270, Philadelphia, PA 19109, Attention: Johnette Davies.